Difference between spreadsheet and dividend portfolio

Thedividendportfolio.com is a website that allows investors to easily track their dividend or stock portfolio. Our dividend portfolio eliminates the need for you to create or modify Google Docs or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Instead, our web application mimics the best designs and features of a traditional spreadsheet and incorporates other beneficial features that makes our dividend portfolio extremely useful and easy-to-use for any kind of investor.

Who Should Use Our Dividend Portfolio Tracker?

Our free dividend tracker is also open to any type of investor and is not limited just for dividend income investors. With our dividend tracker, investors can easily track their current positions just like a regular spreadsheet. Except our portfolio tracker includes price history, stock and dividend allocations, upcoming dividends, and estimated dividend earnings. Features that are not only essential to DRIP investors, but to ordinary investors as well.

Is Our Portfolio Tracker Free?

The short answer is yes. Majority of our portfolio tracker is free to use, such as our custom-built portfolio spreadsheet, price history chart, stock and dividend income charts. Though, for the price of a cup of coffee, which is $5 per month, users can fully utilize our portfolio tracker. Our premium users can multiple portfolios, where they can organize each portfolio based on each of their accounts or brokerage, or they can organize it by the type of their accounts. Premium users can also have up-to-date information on dividend data, where our application can estimate the next dividend payments. Lastly, you can easily configure the spreadsheets by rearranging or hiding columns, allowing investors to view their own custom spreadsheet.

What is the Difference Between a Spreadsheet and The Dividend Portfolio?

The goal of The Dividend Portfolio is to be a much simpler and user-friendly method for investors to track their stocks or dividends. This gives investors a peace of mind, where they do not have to fumble around and modify a spreadsheet.

Now, a benefit about our stock tracker is that investors can easily access their portfolio data anywhere around the world. The days of transferring your .xlsx or .xls file to your thumb drives are over. Instead, accessing your data has never been easier and can be done with a valid internet connection. Though, some might say that this is indifferent to just a Google Docs Spreadsheet. While that is mostly true, Google Docs Spreadsheet requires time and effort in setting up. Plus, our portfolio management software generates interactive graphs for investors and provides dividend data as well. We also believe that investors will have an easier time setting up and navigating through our portfolio tracker. Overall, we believe that we have created the best portfolio tracker there is.