How Do You Keep Track of Your Dividends For Free?

Keeping track of your dividends can be beneficial for any dividend investor. With our free dividend portfolio tracker, investors can easily mange their holdings without the need to manage a spreadsheet. Our software automatically generate charts and graphs, allowing investors to visually track their positions.

Free Dividend Portfolio Tracker with graphs

How to Easily Track Your Dividend Investments?

Investors can track their dividends by creating an account at our website.

The Dividend Portfolio Tracker Sign Up Page

After you have logged in, investors will then be redirected to the New Portfolio page. This will allow our software to generate a portfolio for you, based on the portfolio name that you have provided.

Creating a new stock portfolio tracker.

After generating your dividend portfolio, you will then be able to add or import your existing stocks. Investors have two options in adding in their stock information. The first option is to manually add their stocks using the add button. The second option is to upload their entire stock portfolio by uploading a .CSV file. The second option is the most convenient way for investors who has lots of stocks that they want to import into their portfolio spreadsheet.

Upload stocks using the add button or the upload stocks on the dividend portfolio.

With that uploaded, you can now view all of the generated stats and graphs based on your stock information.

How Our Software Calculates All of Your Portfolio’s Information?

So, under the hood of our entire web application is pretty complicated. We have thousands of lines of code dedicated just for calculating the functions for your stock and dividend information. Many of our functions are dedicated just for our dividend portfolio spreadsheet. This is where we mimic the same calculations and functions of an ordinary Excel or Google Docs spreadsheet. On top of that, our dividend charts and information page uses predictive methods in order to detect the next dividend payment date. With a bunch of Python and JavaScript functions and code, we did all of the hard work of creating a user-friendly portfolio tracker, so that investors don’t have to.

Estimated Dividend Earnings and Payment Dates

Know upcoming dividend dates and information.

As you can see from above, our website gives you the ability to check for upcoming dividend payments. We even offer ex-dividend information for those, who want to invest more in a stock before the ex-dividend date. Our table also includes the dividend yield of the stock and how much you will be paid during that payment period. In fact, our chart gives you the ability to check on the status of the dividend information, whether or not the dividend has been paid, declared, or just an estimate. Lastly, we provide an estimate to potential dividend payments that you might receive in the near future. So, as you can see using our dividend portfolio tracker is a great way to track your passive income from dividends.