How To Track Dividend Income?

Dashboard for tracking your dividend income

Tracking your dividend income is pretty simple and requires almost little to no effort at all. The only thing that you have to do is put in all of your stock information into the dividend income tracker. This allows you to see how you are doing with your dividend income. Tracking your portfolio allows you to see how you are doing on your dividend income, not just only on a monthly basis, but also on a quarterly and an annual basis.

Why You Should Track Your Dividend Income?

Following your dividend income can help you achieve your goal in obtaining a certain amount of dividend income. Using a dividend income tracker allows you to see where you are currently at from achieving your goal. Also, tracking your dividend income shows you how your portfolio is doing in the previous months or years prior. With that, it can provide motivation to some dividend income investors in achieving their dividend income goal.

Steps to Track Dividend Income

To begin tracking your dividend income, you would need to first create a Dividend Portfolio account.

Create a dividend portfolio account

After you have created an account, you will then be asked to name your portfolio.

Creating a new dividend portfolio name

Once you have created a portfolio, the website will redirect you to a spreadsheet. From there, locate either the plus button or the upload button. If you would like to add each individual stock in your portfolio, you can use the add button. However, you can use the upload button if you would like to add multiple stocks at a time in the spreadsheet. Do keep in mind that stocks that are already in your spreadsheet will be overwritten if those specific stocks are present in your .csv file (the file that you have uploaded).

Add stocks using the add button or by uploading a .csv file.

Once you have populated your spreadsheet with your stocks, you will now notice that the spreadsheet has an Annual Dividend, Dividend Yield, and Annual Income column. Already our spreadsheet displays several dividend information for each stock.

Now you can click on your portfolio’s name on the menu bar, which is located on top of the page. Once you have done that, click on “Dividends” to begin viewing your dividend graph.

Dropdown menu of portfolio, which shows spreadsheet and dividends.

Viewing Dividend Tracking Graphs

Tracking your Dividend Earnings graph

Now you are brought to your dividends graph page. This is where a neat little graph displays all of your declared and estimated dividend income. Your dividend tracking graph will display all of the potential dividend income that you might receive within the next 12 months. On top of each bar displays the total amount of dividend income you might receive for that particular month. The purple area of the bar graph is the total amount of “declared” or confirmed dividends that you will receive. The gray area are estimated dividends that have not yet been confirmed by companies. The chart estimates when a company will be paying out their dividends based on previous payment dates and their frequency.

Dividend Income of Each Stock

Total weight of each stock's dividend income that you can track.

Another interesting dividend chart that you can view is the amount of dividend income you’ll receive from each stock. This donut chart shows you how much weight each stock is putting towards your dividend income. The more area a stock has in the donut chart, the more dividend income that you will receive from that company. While, the smaller areas in the donut chart don’t pay as much. The donut chart is based on the quantity and the dividend yield of each stock in your portfolio. The purpose of this donut chart is to see how much a stock is putting in towards your dividend income every year. Visualizing the chart allows you to determine if you should buy or sell a certain stock based on their dividend income.

Find Your Next Dividend Payment

Track your upcoming dividend income

Although this is not really a chart, this dashboard module can help you figure our when your next dividend payment is arriving. This can inform you when your next three dividend payments are arriving. Any information that you see in the Upcoming Earnings module are dividend payments that have already been confirmed.

Analyzing Dividend Income Data

Track dividend Information such as payment dates, amount, dividend yield, ex-dividend date, and status.

One of the most crucial dividend income feature for you is our dividend income chart. You can view all of the upcoming dividend payment dates based on the month that they are being paid out. The chart allows you to see all of the important payment information such as ex-dividend dates and payment amount. In the far right column, you can even see the current status of the dividend payment. That column will tell you if the payment has been declared, paid, or if it is just an estimate. Though, the downside is that you can only view this chart if you are a premium user. This is due to the high operations cost that we must endure in order to keep this tracker free.

Overall, if you find some of these features useful, you can now track dividend income from your portfolio by creating an account right here.