The Best Stock Portfolio Tracker Spreadsheet

Printed out portfolio spreadsheet for stocks.

So, you want a spreadsheet that can track your portfolio? First off, is using Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets the best way for you to track your portfolio. Sure, they are amazing for finance. But, is having all the bells and whistles in the application really beneficial for the average investor. Today, we will try to convince you to ditch the traditional spreadsheet for a more modern one and tell you all of the benefits about it.

Why Ditch Excel and Google Sheets For An Online Portfolio Spreadsheet

Now, you mostly search for a portfolio tracking spreadsheet for either Excel or Google Sheets and found this article. I don’t blame you, people mostly associate those software with finance. But is it really worth the trouble for the ordinary investor who doesn’t work in the finance sector? And at most, you will probably use a few basic arithmetic functions for your spreadsheet and that’s about it. Is it still worth the trouble in setting up or inputting all your stock data on an Excel spreadsheet?

Instead, why don’t you try an online stock portfolio? A stock portfolio tracker can mimic the design and features of a spreadsheet. While, removing all of the non-user-friendly features that come with Excel or Google Sheets. Plus, an online portfolio tracker spreadsheet can be accessible to you anywhere around the world. There is nothing for you to setup, as all of the functions and visual charts has been already setup for you.

The Best Stock Portfolio Tracker Spreadsheet

the best stock portfolio tracker spreadsheet

We believe that the best stock portfolio tracker spreadsheet is our very own. All of the important features that is necessary for portfolio tracking from spreadsheet softwares are incorporated into our portfolio software. This leaves you with a user-friendly spreadsheet with a design that will oddly look familiar to you.

Not only that, but our portfolio tracker incorporates visual graphs and charts based on your stock positions. Some of the charts that we offer are stock allocations and portfolio price history, which is something that you have to fumble around with in Excel. There is no need for you to download any .xls or .xlsx file and best of all, it is completely free for you!

And it gets better, instead of manually inputting all of your stock positions, you can just download a .csv file from your brokerage and easily upload it into our portfolio tracker within seconds. This will save you ton of time instead of manually inputting your stock information one-by-one. And if you are a dividend investor, we also offer dividend information to keep track of your upcoming dividend payments.

All-in-all, when all you are just tracking your portfolio, traditional spreadsheets can be quite complicated to use. So instead of building your own spreadsheet, why not have a free ready-made one that you can access anywhere around the world! Get started today by creating an account with us!