The Ultimate Dividend Tracking Spreadsheet

Earning dividends with dividend tracking using coins.

If you are looking for the ultimate dividend tracking spreadsheet, you have come to the right place. If you are somebody who is trying to build long-term wealth through dividend income and plan their dividend strategy, this spreadsheet is for you!

How Do You Track and Calculate Your Dividends?

You can calculate your dividend income by multiplying the dividend yield and the dividend payment date’s stock price. Doing so will determine how much dividend income you will receive. Though, some companies like to offer dividends in frequencies, meaning you won’t get the full dividend payment all at once. Instead, your dividend payments will be split up throughout the year.

What Is A Dividend Yield?

Your dividends can easily be tracked by something called a dividend yield. The dividend yield varies, depending on the company. Some companies offer dividends, while some do not. A dividend yield is the set amount of profits that a company will give you if you own their stock. For example, if Apple has a dividend yield of .66% and you own one share. You will receive $0.66 a year, if the stock price is around $100. Though, since Apple pays out their dividends quarterly, that means you will mostly get around $0.24 every 3 months. Though, the payout may be different depending on the current stock price. If the stock is higher on the payment date, you will receive a higher dividend payment, though if it is lower, your dividend payment will be lower.

What Is The Frequency of a Dividend Payment?

Payout of dividend income.

So, companies can payout their dividends at different frequencies. Some can payout their dividends annually, semi-annually, quarterly, bi-monthly, monthly, etc. As you can see, there are many types of frequencies that a company can choose when paying out your dividend income. If a company pays out dividends annually, you will only receive one dividend payment from them for the entire year. However, if a company pays out dividends monthly, you will receive 12 different dividend payments every year. Though, a company with a more frequent payout dates does not mean that they will give you more money. It means that the company will will give you a payout more often at the same dividend yield. For example, if a dividend yield is at 4% and the frequency is monthly, you will receive a dividend yield of .33% every month.

How Do You Calculate And Manage Your Dividend Income?

Luckily for you, you can easily manage your dividend income using a dividend spreadsheet. Using a dividend spreadsheet allows you to automatically see how much dividend income you are receiving and manages your portfolio at the same time. In fact, using a spreadsheet can enable you to track your whole stock portfolio, including non-dividend stocks. Doing so allows you to easily track your entire portfolio within a single spreadsheet.

What Is The Best Spreadsheet For Dividend Tracking?

Dividend Tracking Spreadsheet for passive income.

For DRIP investors or passive income investors, the best spreadsheet would be our very own Dividend Portfolio Spreadsheet. Unlike traditional spreadsheets from Excel or from Google Sheets, there is no need for you to configure or download anything. Our dividend tracking spreadsheet is plug-n-play and works right out of the box. You can begin tracking your dividends within minutes and best of all, it’s completely free!

Upcoming dividend payouts

Our spreadsheet offers useful information for everyday investors, such as current stock prices, their gains and losses, and growth. Our spreadsheet even shows dividend information such as dividend yield and your annual income. Not only that, but our website also shows interactive charts and graphs based on your stock positions and can show you when your next dividend payment is.

If you are looking for a step-to-step tutorial on how to begin tracking your dividend income, click here!