What is the Best Portfolio Tracker?

So, you are an investor that is looking for the best portfolio tracker that is out there. In order for a portfolio tracker to be called the “best” or even good at all, it must have certain features and characteristics. Today we will explain to you what is considered a good stock tracker.

What Defines a Good Portfolio Tracker?

Good portfolio trackers should be always available and accessible.

A good portfolio tracker must have several characteristics in order for it to be called a good tracker. First, a good portfolio software must always be available. Secondly, it must always be accessible to investors. Finally, the tracker should be easy to use. While I have just described many online portfolio trackers out there, portfolio trackers still need to have important features.

What Should a Good Portfolio Tracker Have?

Portfolio tracker spreadsheet

Now that you know that a good portfolio tracker should be an online one, we can now eliminate all of the Excel spreadsheets. Now, some might argue that Excel is essential to businesses and it is also designed to track stocks as well. While that is true, I would also like to mention that an Excel file is not easily accessible, unless you have your computer nearby. Secondly, if you were to store your portfolio onto a spreadsheet, don’t you have to manually update your stock prices?

But, what about Google Docs Spreadsheet? It’s free and easily accessible. That is true, but don’t you still have to edit and manage your spreadsheet? Although Google Docs allows you to get close-to-live stock prices (~15 minute delay), don’t you still have to create visual graphs and create functions for your spreadsheet?

Now, what we are left with is an online spreadsheet that everything is ready-made. Investors like you and I want to spend as little time as possible to create special functions and setup a stock portfolio. Especially, since some investors are not spreadsheet wizards.

While there are many online portfolio trackers that already offer ready-made solutions, we still want to have the ability to customize our portfolio. Many of these portfolio management softwares offer the easy-to-use interface, but sacrifices the investor’s freedom in modifying the tracker’s design. This is where The Dividend Portfolio comes in.

What is the Best Portfolio Tracker?

Best Portfolio Tracker with price history and portfolio information.

Unlike other portfolio trackers, the dividend portfolio offers an easy-to-use spreadsheet design. Our portfolio tracker mimics the design of Excel and Google Docs, though none of the messy spreadsheets functions will be visible or a concern to investors like you. All of the calculations are done behind the scenes, where the only thing you need to worry about is inputting your data.

Custom Spreadsheet Design for Portfolio Tracking

As you can see in the image above, our design is quite similar to an Excel document. The only thing that can be changed straight from our custom spreadsheet is the quantity and buy price of each stock. Disabling edits on all of the other columns allows you to focus more on the data, rather than editing them. Now, if you want to modify the spreadsheet we have buttons on top that allows you to edit the spreadsheet.

Portfolio Spreadsheet function buttons

As you can see in the image above, you can easily add, edit, subtract, remove stocks all with a click of a button. The upload button allows you to easily add multiple stocks at a time by uploading a .CSV file provided by your brokerage. Now, the settings button is only available for premium users. They will have the ability to rearrange and hide the spreadsheet columns. This allows them to easily customize and view the spreadsheet design that they are looking for. The last button on our spreadsheet is a currency button. This allows you to easily change the currency of the spreadsheet, where everything will automatically be converted.

Portfolio Tracker For International Investors

Portfolio Tracker for international investors

Many portfolio trackers tend to forget that there are many international investors that also trade stocks in their country’s stock market and in the US stock market as well. We want to give all investors, not just in the US, the ability to use our portfolio tracker. We believe that that our portfolio tracker is the best because our spreadsheet is equipped and easy to use and is accessible to international investors as well. But, you might think that is all that we have to offer. But, we also have tools for dividend investors!

Why is the Best A Dividend Portfolio Tracker?

Visualized Dividend Earnings Donut Chart

Now, you might be saying, “So what, I don’t really care about dividends.” Well, isn’t having more information better than no information at all? Having dividend data in your portfolio tracker enables your spreadsheet to have some interesting spreadsheet columns. For example, it can show you how much you can earn every year just from holding on to a stock. Plus, investors that uses our tracker will also have the ability to view a dividend page. This will show investors how much total dividends they might earn each month from specific stocks. All-in-all, having a dividend information may not be beneficial for some investors. But, isn’t more information better than none, especially if it doesn’t complicate our tracker design?

Overall, we believe that the best portfolio tracker is The Dividend Portfolio. Where it acts like a low-maintenance version of Excel and is constantly updating.